KVM Linux VPS Web Hosting Packages

Complete root access, dedicated CPU access and SSD storage with all Linux KVM VPS web hosting packages. You are able to pick the server’s Operating System. Our company offers at least one complete server backup a week. 24/7 support. No installation fees.

OpenVZ vs. KVM

Both OpenVZ and KVM are mature technologies with advantages and disadvantages to each. Selecting the appropriate technology may save you future headaches. To that end, please review the following list to see where your use fits.

  • Only runs Linux distributions.
  • Typically better performance per dollar with a smaller disk and memory footprint for equivalent solutions.
  • Lower management complexity for customers.
  • Will run any operating system.
  • Requires manual operating installation in most cases.
  • Solutions that require custom kernel modifications, patches, specific kernel version or obscure features that are not supported in OpenVZ.
  • Supports advanced netfilter firewall configurations like ipsetnftables, etc.
  • Supports SELinux and Full Disk Encryption.

Shared Hosting

Take advantage of our SSD–based cloud hosting platform. The ZFS storage system that we are using provides the highest level of data security. Thanks to the website accelerators that we provide free of cost, you’ll be able to substantially enhance the loading speed of your data–laden sites. Plus, transferring your sites to our top–tier cloud web hosting platform will be fast and hassle–free.

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